You Deserve to Feel Peace NOW

 You've read books, listened to podcasts, meditated, taken classes, watched videos...and you still feel stuck under the crushing weight of overwhelm.

There's a better way. 

You don't need more information...You need a solution. And you need it fast, before more of precious potential is wasted or you have a health catastrophe.

We help you quickly transform from the inside out, so the change LASTS. Then we arm you with simple, proven techniques to help you stop overwhelm & anxiety fast, and become truly calm, productive, present, confident, and less time than you could ever imagine, without having to quit your career. 

An end to your suffering is around the corner. But don't just take my word for it...scroll down and hear from my clients.

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Work-Life Brilliance in the Media:

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...


From Unworthy to Confident influencer

"Before I started working with you, I literally told my boss to stop paying me more money. I felt unworthy in my newly promoted role and was making a bad impression in meetings. All that changed fast, thanks to you. Working with you was hands down the best decision I made in 2020!  I finally chipped away at my chronic self-doubt and now see (and believe) the value I bring to my job. I incorporate the daily exercises into my work routine – and I really find that I can lead with curiosity and that is the most important element to bring to the table.  So a million thanks to you for helping me peel back the layers of the onion! 

Debbie Campagnolo, Director, Operations

The One Thing That Finally Worked

Before I spoke with Denise, I'd been on a decade-long self-help journey to end overwhelm. Nothing worked until this. I'd been on her email list for years. Then I finally booked a call with her because I was at the lowest of my lows, and thought that either I'd get help from her and fix it, or I'd quit my career. Less than 3 months later, I'm a new person -- the real me and best me. I wake up excited and end my days with energy to spare for my son and partner. I have half as many meetings as I did before, but my reputation and relationships have improved 10-fold. If you're waiting, and struggling, like I was, I strongly suggest you call her. This not only works, it's life changing. 

Jen, M. VP Supply Chain Planning

Turning Back the Clock

"When I met Denise I had been working with a coach for two years, but was still stuck in overwhelm, overwork, and people-pleasing. I felt exhausted and unappreciated. In just a few weeks, Denise helped me find my true, joyful self. I not only got hours back in the day, I feel like I am 10 years younger. 

Lisa, Sr. Manager, Healthcare 

From Imposter to Promotion & Pride

"Every year I fight a battle (or two) with imposter syndrome, and I tell myself that I'm an engineer, not a sales rep. I've only begun working with Denise but I am already seeing so many things differently. I'm feeling more powerful, doing things that once were hard. It's getting easier every day. I can literally feel myself becoming more confident. I went from feeling like an imposter, to asking for the department lead position, and I got it!"

Veronica Brunk, Sales Manager


Four-decades of self-doubt is over.  I will no longer hold myself back.”

Melissa, V.P., Marketing

It works.

"The coaching I received from Denise has transformed me as a leader. If you're on the fence, don’t be. Her stuff works."

Norma McCowin, Senior Director, Program Management & Support Services

 From Decades of Stress to Free & Fulfilled

For decades I’ve had a successful career, while easily juggling family obligations raising 3 successful kids. Although I was proud of what I’d accomplished, I wanted more … and I couldn’t even define what that meant. Fulfillment was always just out of reach, and being present was an act. There was too much to do before I would allow myself to feel fulfilled.  I’d educated myself on everything I could do, to do things differently. “What’s wrong with me?” and “How do I change my stripes?” the solutions were constantly eluding me … and had been for the last decade. I knew I was my problem, expecting too much out of a day, with no boundaries. It was time for a change.

I’m excited about feeling a sense of calm, knowing how to enjoy my days, and feel fulfilled!!  Spending time with my family, while being mentally present, is priceless! Denise taught me how to work thru my limitations, expand my awareness, and manage my state of mind to obtain the results I want. It’s a process, and I now have the tools and support to continue taking it to new levels.  I can’t thank you enough, Denise, for breaking me free to fly.”

Linda Hammons, CFO, B2B

From Overwhelm to Balance

"Not only did Denise's tools and coaching help me improve my own quality of life, my team's work-life balance index on the employee survey went up an unprecedented 26 points in one period, from 60% to 86%.

Karen Stoeffler, Sr. Director, Data Architecture

From stuck & playing small to dream life

"If you had told me I would achieve this level of personal and professional success in one year, I wouldn't have believed you. My family is amazed by the changes in me. Denise not only is an expert coach, I trust her because she cares so much and is so committed to our success. 

Gia Walton, Global Vice President

From Overwhelmed People-Pleaser to Balanced Leader

"Before I met Denise, I loved my job and my employees, but I was burning out, and it was affecting my health and how I showed up with my family. Now, I have strong boundaries, I easily ask for help, and I'm happy to say that I'm the leader, mom, and wife I always wanted and knew I could be." 

Janet Baddol, Director, Health Care

Becoming My Own Boss

"At 50 I found myself floundering through a career and lifestyle change. I had a unique set of skills that I was certain should be shared with the world, but I had no idea how to offer them or where to start. I was terrified to expose myself to judgement and criticism. Mired in self-doubt and the fear of being exposed as an imposter, I was frustrated and stuck. With Denise’s process, I completely shifted what I believed and how I felt about my situation. That shift freed me to move forward with ease. Instead of terrified, I’m excited to be doing what I love and am confident about sharing it with the world."

Renee Einarson, Business Owner

Stressed-Out "Imposter" to  Confident with Top Execs

"Months after your program, things are still going strong on my end. I had a big win today (high stakes conversation with Sr. Leadership team) where I leveraged everything I’ve learned from you and it paid off. 6 months ago my mental state would have been marked by fear and self-doubt, but instead was replaced with confidence an eagerness – I was genuinely looking forward to the conversation. Basically, I just ran through the drills and everything went according to plan. I show up as a very different person now. I'm so much more confident and comfortable. I willingly put myself out there and take calculated risks, which is translating into more accountability higher title and more pay. And I’m just plain happier overall. I hope you know how valuable your work is."

Shawn, Director, Underwriting

From self-doubt and heart monitor, confidence, and a  healthy heart

"Before Denise, I was skeptical about my ability to change how I felt. I was filled with constant work-related anxiety that resulted in some scary health issues. Denise helped me pinpoint the belief that was causing my anxiety. Then, using a few of her tools, I changed my behavior, not only at work, but in my personal life as well."  Thank you Denise. 

Katja V. Story, Director Healthcare 

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