Break Stress Now


As an Executive Coach, I have the pleasure and privilege of partnering with incredibly intelligent, ambitious, heart-felt people who are committed to working with me to improve their performance and their lives on every level.

From the outside looking in, these people appear to have it all.

And yet, as their confidant, I KNOW THAT THEY SUFFER.

Most people get a coach when they are close to their breaking point; what has worked for them in the past is no longer working. In the past year alone, I’ve worked with people who are experiencing these symptoms of stress:

• Anxiety
• Self-doubt
• Overwhelm
• Insomnia
• Interpersonal conflicts, ranging from disputes with colleagues to divorce
•Guilt about not spending enough quality time with their kids
• Lack of connection with supportive friends
• Weight gain
• Eye twitching
• Diabetes
• Heart attack

Take this quick course to learn the tools to reduce stress right now.

What People Are Saying:

Denise was so valuable as my coach, that I decided to bring her in to help my team. After two workshops–How to say no with grace, not guilt and Break Stress Now–my team’s work-life balance index on the employee survey went up an unprecedented 26 points, from 60% to 86%. My team now has tools to help them feel less overwhelmed and more empowered.

Karen, Sr. Director, Data Architecture

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