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Motivational speaker, Transformational Executive Coach, Writer, Podcaster &  Consultant

Work-Life Brilliance

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Denise Renée Green is a motivational speaker, transformational coach, writer, and consultant to corporate leaders.  She is the author of the best-selling book, Work-Life Brilliance, and has a popular podcast by the same name.  Denise is known for her ability to help her clients get unstuck and create new habits of thinking and acting, so they feel better and become incredibly effective influencers. For over 15 years, Denise held senior positions with Oracle and Charles Schwab. Her clients have included PayPal,, Kaiser Permanente, and other leaders from the high-tech, financial services, healthcare, and consumer products sectors.

Much of Denise’s inspiration for helping others to overcome obstacles in their lives comes from overcoming her own. After a life-changing car accident, she sustained a broken back and other injuries so severe that her doctors called her “incurable.” When gripped by a crippling autoimmune disease several years later, she once again rose above seemingly insurmountable obstacles not only to recover, but to lead a full and rewarding life.

She is passionate about helping as many people as possible tap into their brilliant potential. As such, she has made her experience, research, creativity, passions, and life-upgrading tools to a broader audience via online coaching and courses.  

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"Thank you for all your work in helping us all sparkle! Thank you for sharing so much of your life experiences, research work, and time. What makes you stand out is the love and care you put into your work."

~Leanna Leong

"I've had coaches in the past that I worked with for years. But somehow, you--in a short period of time--have taken me back 10 years to a time when I felt confident, less stressed, took things less personally, and was a better leader."

~ Lisa

"Within 5 minutes I wanted to become friends with Denise, she is my type of lady, open candid direct yet kind and calming!”

~Karen Cervera

"Working with Denise was amazing, and it was metamorphic.  The tools and techniques she shared quickly became integrated into my daily life.  Here I am, more than two years later, still applying those techniques regularly."

~Christina Rimmer 

Upgrade Your Thoughts, Upgrade Your Life

To live a Brilliant Life we need to start by changing the way we think. Our thoughts can drive us into a proverbial ditch, making us feel stuck. I have a model that I call STEAR. I like to think of it as steering us out of our rut toward ease, confidence, and better results. When you learn this skill, you stop being just a passenger in life, and become the pilot who can steer away from turbulent thoughts to peaceful thoughts. You deserve to feel better. This works for me. This works for my clients. It will work for you. Let's STEAR you to a better place.


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