With the right tools, you can quickly stop feeling overwhelmed, and start feeling calm & productive every single day. There's no better time to reduce stress and increase your capacity.

If life feels overwhelming, this program is for you. You deserve to wake up calm and confident every single day, and to go to bed SATISFIED and relaxed. My clients PROVE it’s possible, even now, and easier than you think. I see it happen with my clients every day. If you want to start feeling better today, so you are more effective at work and satisfied in life, click the button now. 

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Start every day with calm, clear focus.

You will know your priorities and carve out time for your most important work.

You will know what work you can delegate and drop without damaging consequences. 

You will avoid the common mistakes that people make in the first 90 minutes of their morning, and what to do instead if you want to feel more control and progress. 


Sleep Better

You have 24 hours in a day, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, your body needs to sleep for about one-third of those.

When you steal from sleep, you weaken your immune system, increase your stress, and decrease your ability to think clearly,

You can't manage time. You can only manage yourself. When you learn to manage yourself so you make the most of the 12 remaining hours, you will look back on your day and appreciate what you got done, and how you did it. 

And you will go to bed, knowing that if  you do wake up, you'll manage anxious thoughts, so you go back to sleep. 

Then you will wake up refreshed and clear about what needs to get done and when.

Move through your day with ease and productivity.

You can go through your day with focus and ease.

You will know how to manage distractions and interruptions so you get more done faster.

You will seem present and focused to others, and become a better influencer.

You will get off center because we all do. But you will catch yourself, and come back to present. 

You will attend fewer meetings and have more human and productive interactions when you do meet.

You will manage your surroundings so you can focus and get time back.

"I felt debilitated by consuming thoughts about my circumstances. The tools that Denise provided were clear, simple, and didn't take much time to apply. I'm now able to shift my outlook to what I can control, and adjust my focus to what I can do in any given situation to improve it."

Karen Cervera
Senior Director

The Pain of Overwhelm

Overwhelm is an extremely painful feeling because it’s a collection of painful emotions including fear, dread, worry, anxiety, guilt, anger, uncertainty—that leave us feeling like we’re drowning or at best, hangin’ in there...

Yes, it is possible to feel productive and satisfied even though:

- We are living in a time like no other, where there are real threats to our safety and well-being, along with new challenges of sheltering at home, working with distractions, kids who need snacks and home-schooling, partners whom we love, but are also getting on our nerves, as well as isolation from people and activities we love.

- There is a torrent of information, email, meetings, and requests coming at you constantly,

- There is a heightened anxiety level in the world that is palpable. 

- Other people are working crazy hours, sending emails at all times of the night

- It's hard to sleep well, yet sleep is a critical component to a strong immune system. 

- The world around you is chaotic and uncertain, two things guaranteed to put our brain in accute stress. 

- You're worried about yourself, your team, and your loved ones. 

- You’ve read books on or taken classes on time management and it helped for a second, then you were back to usual.

It’s possible to be calm, focused, and productive when you use the simple yet profoundly effective tools that have helped so many of my clients become the person in the room (or on zoom) who inspires others to be and feel their best. 

Get More Peace & Productivity Now

"Denise's program was metamorphic. I quickly integrated the tools and techniques into my daily life. Here I am, more than two years later, still using and benefiting from those behaviors."

Christina Rimmer
M.A., PMO Director, Healthcare

Life Without Overwhelm

Overwhelm is an extremely painful feeling because it’s a collection of painful emotions including fear, dread, worry, anxiety, guilt, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, uncertainty—that leave us feeling like we’re drowning or at best, hangin’ in there...

Yes, it is possible to feel productive and satisfied even though:

- There is a torrent of information, email, meetings, and requests coming at you constantly,

- Other people are working crazy hours, sending emails at all times of the night,

- You're exhausted, doing the workload of multiple people,

- You’ve read books on or taken classes on time management and it helped for a second, then you were back to usual.

- You're fried, distracted, and irritable.

It’s possible when you use the simple yet profoundly effective tools that have helped so many of my clients become the person in the room (or on zoom) who is calm, thoughtful, productive, and influential.

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"It's our busiest time and both my Executive Leaders told me last week I was glowing. 😊 At home, I am present for my kids. It does mean making choices, which sometimes means not attending every meeting, not responding to every email, not checking email in the evening. These boundaries help me stay focused and keep me from burning out. I also delegate to my staff so they can grow. I’ve also learned to ask for and accept help at home, and my family actually enjoys pitching in. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the tools you helped me use in my life. I am changed from the inside out, and everyone who matters around me is noticing and benefitting. Most importantly, I feel a sense of calm confidence that I know is contagious in a good way at home and work. "

Janet B
Director, Healthcare Project Implementation

Who am I?

I am a mom, transformational coach, and author of Work-Life Brilliance: Tools to Create the Life and Health You Crave. 

I love learning, synthesizing, and creating concepts, metaphors, stories, and tools that help people get unstuck and improve their lives. When not doing that, I love to laugh, dance, and try not to sucked into online news (Three Cheers for a free press!)

I am obsessed with living a productive, meaningful, peaceful, playful, grateful, beautiful, joyful, and healthy life.

I have been overwhelmed many times in my life, and I know this: life doesn't make us overwhelmed; our thoughts make us feel overwhelmed. The more chaotic life is, the more we need tools to manage our thoughts, so we generate emotions that prompt actions that bring about good results. 

I get anxious just like everyone else...but I catch it, and shift my thinking. I no longer suffer from perfectionism, procrastination, anxiety, insomnia, resentment and other conditions I had once mastered.

I am fulfilling my goal of helping anyone who wants to upgrade their life from good to brilliant. 

I'd love to help you feel more satisfied with yourself and your life.

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"I was able to use the tools immediately, to provide a better structure and thus, more calm and focus in my personal and work life. Now I'm sharing them with my team and seeing positive improvements in focus and productivity. "

Yann Schwemer
Director, User Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The whole point of this program is to help you FIND time: to help you produce more value and savor more of life, with less effort. 

You get to decide what you need.(see the question about what's in the tool to learn more about the contents).

I suggest you watch the introductory video and Lesson one. Then you may want to skip to the section that is most relevant for you. You may only need a few tools in order to be your best self right now. 

All of the videos combined last about 45 minutes. You decide which reflections you do and which tools you put to use in your life.

I include a tip sheet on how to break the lessons up into very small tasks so you build momentum without ever feeling overwhelmed. 

All of the tools and reflections are designed to SAVE YOU TIME. You know what happens when you don’t take 5 minutes to make a grocery list: you wander the aisles confused, trying to remember, buying more than what you need, only to have to GO BACK and get what you forgot.

Same thing is true if you start your day (or start a meeting) without putting in the time to think about your goal, and the actions that will help you achieve that goal. You end up wasting precious time (and putting a dent in your reputation and relationships).

So, my promise to you is...if you don’t SAVE more time than you spent on this program in the first week after using it, ask for a refund.

I am obsessed with saving you and me time. I'm all about minimum effective dose: “What is the smallest amount of awesomeness that I can give you in order for you to shine more brilliantly? Beyond that, I am wasting your time or causing harm.

The course is course (including materials) is just $329 per license. 

Team orders earn the following discounts:

 5-9 or more licenses: 5% discount

10-19 license: 10% discount

20+ licenses: 15% discount

Email Denise@BrillianceInc to order bundle team licenses.

What is it worth to you to feel composed instead of confused?

  • Focused and clear instead of distracted?
  • Confident instead of "not enough"?
  • Pride and satisfied instead of remorseful at the end of the day?
  • Present instead of scattered?
  • Relaxed instead of stressed?


If you use the program and don't find it valuable, ask for a full refund within 30 days. 

As strange as it seems: situations do NOT cause our suffering; our THOUGHTS about situations cause our suffering. When you learn how to notice your thoughts and CHOOSE what to think instead, you master your self in any situation. And the more intense the situation, the more we need to manage our selves. It is possible to feel calm in a crisis. And if we want to get through it with health, quality relationships, and peace, we must. Decide HOW you want to be, and then get support to help you be that person.

I want to help you be your best. that said, our best is relative. Some days we have more capacity than others. Some days, productive may look like taking a shower and doing the dishes.

I will help you find your best self given the circumstances of your life. 

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

If this doesn't save you time and reduce overwhelm, ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked but we would be honored if you would let us now how we can do better. 

Overwhelm is optional...but only if you learn to manage yourself. Overwhelm is not caused by the massive inputs coming at you. It’s caused by the lies your brain tells you about those inputs (email, meetings, demands, etc). There are people out there who are taking control of their relationship to time, technology, and their talents. They know that NO ONE can DO IT ALL. They know that once you are clear on what matters and intentional about how you spend your time, you can produce MORE value in the world with less effort.

I see my clients do this every day. I know it works.

It’s up to you. Do you want to be one of those people who are frazzled, scattered, and crazy busy? Or do you want to be one of those seemingly rare people who are present, composed, influential, warm, rested, and productive?  You don’t have to know how. I will help with that. You just have to want it.

If you’ve read time-management books and failed to implement them, it was not your fault. Books are awesome, but they are not coaches. You need to digest information, then apply it to your thoughts and your life. You have to identify and upgrade the thoughts that are stealing time, stealing your potential. This program will change you from the inside (thoughts, emotions) out (behaviors, habits) so improvement lasts.

I will also help you avoid the common mistakes we make when trying to build a new habit. If you use the tools and follow the principles, you will take consistent action until you have habits that compel you every day to do them. 

This process has worked for my clients and it will work for you.

Change is not easy. If you don’t feel a need to change how you manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with regard to overwhelm and productivity; if you don’t want to feel more peace and less overwhelmed...then you don’t need this product right now. In order to change, you don’t have to know how...but you do have to have a WHY.

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning 

You wear many hats--now more than ever. The best way to help your team is to lower your own sense of overwhelm and gain perspective. 

I've created a guide for leaders to help you use this content in team meetings to help prioritize your work. 

And I've made it very affordable so your team can also participate in the course and share personal insights when you come together. I also offer tiered discounting for teams of five or more. Contact me for discount links. 

In some cases, it will make sense for me to consult with you and your team, and facilitate conversations so you make the most of this content.  You can reach me at [email protected]


Each course comes with a robust toolkit to help ensure you get the most out of the program.

You will likely want to share this with your team so they can feel more ease and productivity.  

We have made this toolkit available as a download vs. print, for your convenience and safety.

I kindly request that you refrain from forwarding the materials without purchasing additional licenses.

I am a (very) small business and have much into creating these materials for you with the help my amazing designer Susan Cordona, who lended her brilliance from Spain.

Should you wish to purchase materials alone (without the full course), I am delighted to help you share the tools with tiered discount pricing. Feel free to email me at [email protected]


If you are easily distracted, you are in great company. Our modern, hyper-connected world with its barrage of notifications, creates fractured attention spans, and makes it hard to concentrate. 

Plus, anxiety makes it even harder to focus, as does poor sleep. It becomes a vicious cycle. 

With daily practice, focusing on a task for a few minutes a day while following the tips to structure your surroundings and limit distractions, you will build a brain that can focus longer. When you lower your stress, you increase your brain's ability to focus.

No matter how scattered you feel, you can re-build your ability to be present and focused on one thing at a time. 

The program contains videos, downloadable/printable work-books, and fill-in tools. The toolkit alone is worth $400.

You can watch all the videos in order, or you can watch the Lesson One Video, and then skip to the topic you need the most help with. 

Here is a list of some of the tools in the program. You may only need a few in order to make the changes you most need to make in order to be your best self. 

I recommend that everyone do the Brilliant Life Assessment and use the Daily Planner Tool.

introduction: How to  Navigate and Make the Most of This Program

  • Guide for leaders helping teams
  • Course tour
  • Recommended pacing, schedule

Lesson 1 Video: How Our Brains Lead us to Overwhelm

  • Antidote to Worry

  • Self-Talk CheatSheet


Lesson 2 Video: Enemies of Productivity: Perfectionism, Procrastination, Interruptions & DIstractions

  • STEAR Thoughts about perfectionism

  • Managing Distractions & Interruptions

Lesson 3 Video: Friends of Productivity Part 1: Prioritize

  • Perspective: How I want to be remembered
  • Current Year Priorities
  • Brilliant Life Assessment

Lesson 4 Video: Friends of Productivity Part 2: Plan, Gain Momentum

  • Gain Momentum 
  • 4D Task Assignment
  • Must Do List
  • Urgent/Important Matrix (Covey)
  • Daily Planning Tool
  • 40-day Behavior Tracker

Lesson 5 Video: How to Make Productivity Easier/How to Make it Stick

  • Impulse Ignored Tracker

  • New Routine & Ritual Creation

  • End of Day Reflection

Reduce Overwhelm & Boost Productivity


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