Work-Life Brilliance

If you've been searching for that elusive work-life balance oasis, or if you've ever described yourself as "super busy", this book is for you. There is a way for you to feel more fulfillment and ease in all parts of your life: health, work, relationships, and home. But you won't find it by trying to "balance" your time.

Work- Life Brilliance

Audiobook – Unabridged

Learn how to trick your brain

Learn why it’s so hard to change habits and how to avoid the common mistakes we all make when setting goals and trying to achieve them. 

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Whether you feel burned out, or just blah, this book will show you how to feel more fulfillment and ease in all parts of your life: health, work, relationships, and home.

Learn to create Brilliant life

Use these tools to break free or stress and create the Life and Health that you crave.  Learn how to reduce stress now and for the long term.

Live your Brilliant Life

For over a decade, Denise has been lighting the way for corporate humans, showing them simple steps to reducing overwhelm and achieving profound fulfillment in all areas of their lives. In Work Life Brilliance, author and executive coach Denise R. Green teaches you:


  • How to reduce stress now and for the long term
  • How to shift negative thoughts instantly and create a naturally more positive outlook
  • The truth about why you've failed to change habits in the past (hint: it wasn't your fault)
  • How to trick your brain so you can change any habit for good
  • How to say no with grace, not guilt
  • How to sleep better, no matter what you've tried in the past
  • How to build relationships that help you be your best self
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"I'm delighted with this book. It's well written and easy to read. Denise Green tells compelling stories, has a way of finding the PERFECT quotes to illustrate her points, and provides really practical and helpful tools. I love the model of the Four Realms of Brilliance, and I especially love the thought upgrade tool. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in upgrading their thoughts, their work, their relationships or their life!"

Maggie H

"I loved the practical advice and the real life examples that make these changes seem attainable. As a coach I am often working with leaders on making behavioral changes and Denise has crafted a path for people to make changes that is both incremental and transformative at the same time. The “saying no with grace” section gives specific phrases and strategies that everyone will find useful and immediately applicable. It is one of the best books I have read on making sustainable change and Denise writes with such humor and vulnerability, I also enjoyed it immensely!"


"This book helped me reorient my life. I was in a lot of workplace stress and needed a way to make life work for me instead of being tired all the time. Change only 1 thing at a time. I started on the chapter on sleep and now am working through work boundaries, distractions, and productivity."


"To anyone who is in the stressful world of sales, this e-book is a wonderful resource on how to manage and balance the day-to-day pressures of quota-setting, and appointment preparation with personal life. Highly recommended for sales professionals as well as sales management."