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This monthly membership program is for people who are committed to getting more ease, productivity, and focus in their lives, and want Denise Green's powerful and personal coaching.

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"I had some hesitation being with people I did not know in a group coaching setting, but all of that went away during the sessions. You feel truly engaged even if you aren’t the one being coached. Just the nuggets you take from other people and the wisdom you get from people being open with strangers is amazing. "

"Witnessing her work through the issues raised by the group helped me be more grounded and connected. Every session served as a reminder that we feel and experience a lot of the same challenges."

"We’re often living with painful thoughts or sleeping walking through life trying to just get by. Denise excels at gently navigating people though these emotional landmines, with thoughtful, practical suggestions for emotionally and mentally making more fulfilling choices. That's a special gift."

"Her tools are simple to understand, and yet you feel the work being done when you go through the process of engaging with them. She provided a safe place for us to explore our challenges in work or life. No matter what your challenge may be--she will help you find a different way to look at things so that you are living your life brilliantly!"


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