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If you’ve been searching for that elusive work-life balance oasis, or if you’ve ever described yourself as “super-busy,” the Work-Life Brilliance Audio book is for you.

Whether you feel burned out, or just blah, this book will show you how to feel more fulfillment and ease in all parts of your life: health, work, relationships, and home.

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Let’s face it: change is hard and you’re busy. If you’ve had a goal and failed to carry it’re perfectly normal with a perfectly normal brain that’s trying to help you conserve energy and stay safe.

Our programs are created for busy people who are motivated to improve their lives and need tools and a guide to help them do it. Let us help you trick your brain into becoming the best version of you.

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Live Transformational Coaching Program

Powerful 12-week Coaching Program for Female Professionals who want to be positively unrecognizable quickly: anxiety-free, confident, joyful, & productive as they fast-track their career. 

If you want to stop playing small and feeling stuck, and take control of your life, click to learn more and speak with Denise to find out if you're a good fit.

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Meet Denise

Denise is a speaker, writer, and executive coach dedicated to helping people reduce stress, manage their mind and emotions, and become the best version of themselves. She has a gift for helping you cut through the noise in your brain, to find clarity, peace, and solutions.  

After a successful 15-year career in Silicon Valley, Denise founded Brilliance Inc. and made it her mission to help people achieve their potential. For over a decade, she and her team have helped thousands of people feel less stressed, and have more ease and fulfillment, and success in all areas of their lives.

Denise is an expert Influence Trainer and helps her clients become masterful influencers who break through bias and change their reputations from 'Worker-Bees' (who are overworked and underpaid), to Queen-Bees who work 40 hours or less, but get more done and earn more salary and title. 

She knows what it's like to overcome major setbacks: after breaking her back in a car accident in 2003, she was told by a doctor that she might never be able to work. Denise has been referred to as a mini Tony Robbins because of the humor, compassion, knowledge, and pragmatism she brings to helping people to transform their lives.

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Join the groundbreaking new series by Denise and take back control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, to build a truly brilliant life.

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"Denise is an incredible, thoughtful, and engaged listener. I love her coaching and her style. She creates a loving safe space where people can open up and be heard."

"We’re often living with painful thoughts or sleeping walking through life trying to just get by. Denise excels at gently navigating people though these emotional landmines, with thoughtful, practical suggestions for emotionally and mentally making more fulfilling choices. That's a special gift."

"Denise is an intuitive being who focuses on trying to strike the connection with other people through mind, body, emotion, and intellect. She helps people identify for themselves their gifts and hone in on them to live the life that they were meant to live. She isn’t judgmental, she doesn’t have things you are supposed to do, she is so open. She’s a special person and coach."

"Her tools are simple to understand, and yet you feel the work being done when you go through the process of engaging with them. She provided a safe place for us to explore our challenges in work or life. No matter what your challenge may be--she will help you find a different way to look at things so that you are living your life brilliantly! "

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