Video 3: How to be Your Best in times of Chaos


For those who want more help and a community working on reducing overwhelm in any situation, the online course is now open:


In this post I talk about how to increase your capacity so you have capacity to be your best self in any given situation.

I answer questions and issues concerning: 

  • How to NOT be overwhelmed when more responsibilities are coming at us than ever before (like home-schooling, managing people in a crisis, crisis communications, leading remote teams, staying safe...). 
  • Difference between Realistic Optimism and Magical Thinking.
  • How to be productive in a pandemic, and defining productivity for you.
  • The non-negotiables to include in your day (if you want to thrive).
  • How to get more support to be less overwhelmed and create days of peace and productivity. 

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Video Three Summary:


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